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Your Body

Your Breasts


12-Part Video Series from Tammy Kohlschmidt

discover . explore . activate . heal


A Deep Exploration of Whole-Body Healing with an Emphasis on

Breast Health Integration

topics in this series

Episode 1
Water Is Alive

Water is alive. It responds to emotions and vibrations, and it holds memories.

Your body is mostly water and yet… is the water you consume hydrating your cells?

Water is vital in so many ways – learn how to create healthy vibrations within you!

Episode 2
Free Your Breasts

Learn why your flow systems are so important to your breast health.

We’ll discuss pressure and restriction – both physical and otherwise – so you can maintain healthy flow systems.

Plus, I give away a secret to freeing your breasts and improving your flow!

Episode 3
A Healthy Mouth Equals Healthy Breasts

Understand how the internal terrain of your mouth affects your entire body – for health or disease.

Join me, with guest Dr. Reid Winick of Dentistry For Health New York, as we share healthy tips for your mouth and show you the connection to your whole body.

Episode 4
Got Breasts?
Screen Them

Your body is energy and is electric!

Learn how tracking information with thermography is a ‘must-do’ screening tool for your breasts and your entire body.

Thoughts and energy are related. Both affect your health – for better or worse.

Episode 5
You Are What You Digest

We digest so much more than food.

Our thoughts are connected to how we process our emotions and our food. So it all must be digested.

Dive with me into the concept of moderation and learn why we are either stagnant ponds or flowing rivers. Which do you want to be?

Episode 6
The Breath of Life

Breath is life.

And it’s the most important thing to enhance the well-being of our body and mind.

Understand how mouth breathing, especially during sleep, causes whole body inflammation.

Explore your emotions and learn how to release them by breathing.

Episode 7
Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes

The key to a healthy mind and body is knowing where your attention goes… because that’s where your energy will flow!

Most of us ignore our self-care as we are busy taking care of everyone and all things around us.

Learn how just 5 minutes a day can make a huge difference.

Episode 8
Sleep & EMFs

Electromagnetic fields disturb your sleep cycle.

We are electrical beings and need to clear ourselves from the debris we are inundated with all day.

Sleep is key for healing, so in this episode I share easy ways to deepen your sleep for healing and vitality.

Episode 9
Dreams – The Playground of Our Subconscious

Dreams are part of our healing as we sleep.

Dreams are the language of the subconscious.

While we dream, we process all that we are holding onto or struggling to figure out.

Learn how your dreams can help you heal, create your future, and much more.

Episode 10
The Pleasure Principle

Our bodies are built for pleasure.

Pleasure is the empowerment energy that boosts our confidence and unplugs us from pain, shame, and blame.

Unravel what pleasure means to you and begin to recognize all the ways you can cultivate pleasure in your life.

Episode 11
Clear Your Communication Pathways

Clear your body’s communication pathways (blood, nerves, lymph and emotions) so that your cells can communicate freely.

Learn the importance of releasing neck tension to your overall health (think about blocked flow) and practical ways to do that.

Health and healing – on all levels – require clear communication pathways.

Episode 12
It’s A Wrap

Create an upward spiral for your life.

Learn how your brain, heart, and gut interact as a complete feedback loop.

These are our three brains and they need to be communicating with each other in order for us to be fully healthy in mind, body and spirit.

We’ll wrap things up and I’ll show you how to move forward, creating the life you desire.

What’s Included?

Each Episode includes a video + a Journal Your Journey worksheet to help you apply what you learn.

Most Episodes are less than 10 minutes long. That means they are to-the-point and chock-full of content you can use to enhance all four level of your health and healing – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

The Journal Your Journey worksheets help you apply what you learn. You get two pages of journal prompts, questions for reflection, and room for notetaking about key points you want to remember.

Plus, the worksheets are fillable PDFs that you can save to your own device and type right into to save time and store everything in one place.

Individual Episodes may be purchased for $12 each.

Or bundle the entire series and save!

Get all 12 Episodes + Journal Your Journey worksheets for only $120. That’s like getting two Episodes for free.